Marketplace feedback.

Marketplace feedback.

"I got the webpages up now for a few days and I truly like the results.

I got a few nice compliments about your copy  from some smarter folks among us!! Well done.


Luc Seesing, President, SMD Machinery

"Thank you for all of your hard work and endless wit. You are helping to put a voice to the brand." 

Stella Emerson, Co-Owner, Eukara

“I have known Don Kerr for a number of years, and have first-hand knowledge of his ability to facilitate strategic thinking exercises, and to orchestrate the thinking of strong individuals.  When Don leads a strategic meeting, you get energy and creative, out-of-the-box thinking as part of the process.  Don has the capability to push a group out of their comfort zone and in to broader thinking, essential to successful strategic development.  He not only generates creative new ideas, but pulls new ideas out of the group through his directing of the process.   He is irreverent, bold and tests conventional thinking and wisdom to lead people to actionable outcomes that embrace common strategic ground.”

Jack Moffatt, CEO, Celadon Canadian Investments, Inc.

“Don is a creative team player which sounds ho hum until you see the results he inspires from the people in the room.  I did a strategy program with Don and it can be a stressful situation when trying to get an agreed upon agenda.  Don is the person to make everyone’s ideas work together.  The strategy was executed due to Don’s energetic and original ideas.”

Jacoline Loewen, Partner, Loewen and Partners

“With strategic oversight and understanding of our business, Don managed a very challenging project for our company, remaining focused and determined throughout.  He is extremely creative with great ideas.”

Deirdre McVey Brough, Director, Canadian Cancer Society

“Don is a very creative guy, a quick study, fun to work with, honest, fair, intelligent and a positive contributor.  He understands even technically sophisticated ideas from a layman’s perspective and his work is outstanding.”

Len Rosen, President, LMR Marketing Inc.

“I love working with you!  You do great work quickly and most of all you get it.”

Susan Hallsworth, Account Director, OSL Marketing